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We offer a variety of services to adults and children who are looking to increase their independence by learning new social and physical skills.

Anyone interested in participating in any program must apply.

Fees and Payment

Please contact us directly for a Payment Schedule for specific pricing for our services. We accept cash, check, and card payments We do offer scholarship assistance to those who qualify based on scholarship availability.


Our director, Sarah Russoniello, offers therapeutic riding lessons under PATH international safety standards. Each lesson is tailored to the individual's therapeutic needs and abilities. Equine therapy has been proven to help with increasing independence and life skills through improving social, physical, and emotional well being. 

Farm Based Education/ Equine Assisted Learning

This service is geared towards meeting educational and life skill goals through farm work, interpersonal relationships, and interactions with animals. We strive to teach personal responsibility, mutual respect, and generosity, during group days with other similar aged individuals. 

Sponsor a friend

Stable Moments® is a program developed by Rebecca Britt, BSW, ESMHL. Stable Moments® mission is improving the life course of foster and adopted children who have experienced early developmental trauma. This is achieved by developing life skills through equine-assisted learning and community mentorship.  After seeing positive results from participants in her program, Rebecca Britt now offers certification in the Stable Moments® program to other equine professionals across the country.  Serendipity is proud to have completed certification and will begin to offer the Stable Moments® program at our location in Spring 2022.  Serendipity is now taking applications for both community mentors and participants, please email us for details.  Please check out the link below for more information on Stable Moments®.

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